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Impact Commitment

We are in the planning of various social projects such as:

Environmental / social contribution project:

    The objective is to convert the thousands of plastic bottles, which are thrown out weekly in the Quencoro prison in Cusco, into 100% resistant, economical and trend-colored PET yarns for reduce the production costs of the inmates whenever they receive materials at double the price of what they cost in the market.

    Project to help vulnerable populations

      Direct help to children and seniors who have orientation problems to know their location in real time and thus prevent kidnappings and misplacements using artificial intelligence and virtual reality in garments (patent in Indecopi)

      Social reintegration project

        We plan to open a BURANA workshop in the Quencoro Varones Cusco Penitentiary Center in order to continue expanding our work of training inmates and promoting work and reintegration into society. It is hoped to bring this aid to all possible penalties.