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Impact Achieved

Burana began its social work being the first company to sign an agreement with the INPE for the Productive Prisons project. For this reason he moved his workshop to the Santa Monica prison on June 5, 2017. We started with 10 inmates to whom we provided training in the art of leather goods from day one to date. This training runs 100% by the company.

Day by day they are accompanied by a complete teacher and a sewing kit.

Because of the work done, they are given a fair remuneration, which helps them stay in the penitentiary, to support their family and no longer feel a burden and so that when they leave in freedom they can exercise this job and move forward either in our company or forming their own workshop.

Currently we have 18 interns of which 3 are heads of table.

The interns trained in our workshop, who have left in freedom or are in free means (ie on parole) have not relapsed into the crime and are doing independent work .

We have also started training at the Sarita Colonia Penitentiary Center for men, working with 8 inmates in leather goods productions. For this we have a complete teacher and a shipowner.

The inmates went from receiving a monthly remuneration of 100 soles to 500 soles each for their work.

We also take jobs to the Quencoro Penitentiary Center in Cusco so that the inmates can make their art known to nationals and foreigners.

We also have a workshop in La Molina that works with solar panels to contribute to the care of the environment and promote ecology. In this workshop we develop samples and molds immediately to meet the demand of independent designers or companies such as Win, Ferreyros and brands such as Lala Love, Moamares, Hojas, Eyra, etc.