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How did Burana start?

Published on: 15 | 04 | 2019 17:25
How did Burana start?

Our History

Rita Maltese never cared much about following fashion, on the contrary, her daily outfits imposed a tendency to where she was going because she dressed combining colors and textures in a sophisticated way with a maximalist touch. She never believed that opening a leather goods company would lead her to get involved with contemporary designs and new styles.

At first I did not think that fashion was an art but with the passage of time understood that it was not only an art, but also which is almost a science since it involves many actors including technology. That is why Burana is proud to have a patent in Indecopi with which, through artificial intelligence and augmented reality, very soon you can include in your accessories, and why not, clothing, a design with encrypted information that provides so much data of the pledge as the location of the user in real time solving the problem of kidnappings, thefts and losses of people with degenerative diseases such as senile dementia, Alzheimer's, autism, etc.

Burana is also involved in environmental and social projects, participating in a large project together with the INPE which consists of contributing to the social reinsertion of people in a vulnerable situation, training them and empowering them so that they can move forward, always according to their preferred slogan: "Let's push Peru upwards ".