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About us

GMBTMALTESE, representative of the trademark BURANA, is a socially friendly, environmentally friendly company that produces and markets leather and alpaca products for both men, women and men. articles of decoration of the home. We were constituted in December of 2015 and in June of 2017 we celebrated an agreement with the INPE betting on the social reintegration. That is to say, we provide training to the inmates of the Burana workshop in the Santa Monica prison, and at the same time they produce by earning their daily living, supporting their families and can pay for civil damages.

As a social and Peruvian company we add value not only to our products but also to the quality of service we provide. To the products because each one is unique, they are not repeated since the looms are made by hand and therefore each craftsman has his own way of working and inspiration. To the service, because we give a quick response to the needs of the customers.

We are a company that proudly carries the brand Peru, which has managed to rehabilitate people who have gone through our workshop, which helps to conserve the environment and exports to Europe helping the commercial balance.

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Also our looms come from a village in a vulnerable situation that had never before sold a loom, they always used it for skirts, blankets, bags, bags. Now that they sell them to us they have realized that the ancestral art that they were leaving aside, has an economic value in the market.